Daily Activities (Present Simple Tense)

Objective: to explain and give extra practice about this topic.

Here you´ll find some activities to help you understand and practice this tense.

Go to the following url: http://www.slideshare.net/51625678 and study the presentations you have there on this tense.

Then, look at these videos:

After looking at the videos. Record a video telling what the different videos say and giving your opinions.

Then. Register in you tube and upload the video.

After that,send me the url to my e-mail so i can correct this activity.

Once you have finished this activity. Look at this video of the song called the power of love by celine dion.

Pay attention to the verbs used in that video and do a dictionary in power point using each one of them.

Write a verb and use an image to describe the meaning of the word.
Then, write a sentence below the image using simple present tense.
Use different personal pronouns

Later, register in: http://www.slideshare.net/. Don´t forget to copy your password and username to use them when you want to enter again in your web site.

After that, upload your power point dictionary in slide share. Don´t forget to send me the url you were given.

Then, do a power point presentation in which you describe your home town. Use images. Give information such as: touristic places, population,food and costumes.

As you have already signed in slideshare, upload your presentation.

Then, sign in in voxopop.

And do a recording talking about your daily activities.

Enjoy the activity!


  1. las actividades propuestas en este blog son excelentes por que es ademas de innovador una mejor manera de aprender ingles didacticamente y desarrollando un mejor vocabulario!!!!!!!

  2. las actividades en general me parecieron muy didacticas y divertidas, ya que aunque nos cueste un poco mas de tiempo hacerlas, nos ayuda demaciado, no solamente a reforzar lo aprendien en el salon de clases si no tambien aprender de diversas formas, como son los videos, voces,escritos etc... a mi parecer se deben plantear nuevas actividades como crucigramas, sopa de letras entre otros... para asi crear en los estudiantes la agilidad a la hora de estudiar ingles.